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The fall in temperature can invite several skin troubles, especially for people with dry skin. The cold weather can leave the skin dry and rough. Hence, it becomes important to give special attention to your skin care needs during this season. If you also have been looking for tips that could help your skin sail through the winters smoothly, we have got you covered.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated
    One of the essential things during winter is keeping yourself hydrated. Especially, when you step outside, the dry air can make you feel more dehydrated. But if you drink plenty of water, your body will be able to utilise it and retain more moisture to help the skin be more nourished and supple.
  2. Drink Tea
    Tea contains a high amount of antioxidants and vitamins, which help detoxify your skin from the inside. It also contains polyphenols that help balance the oil secretion in your skin. It’s advised to soak the tea bag in hot water and drink it after a few minutes. Your skin will soak up all the nutrients and relieve the dryness.
  3. Use Hyaluronic acid
    Cold and harsh winds can make your skin dry. Using products containing hyaluronic acid may help your skin in retaining moisture and feel fresh.
  4. Include Vitamin C in Skincare
    Adding Vitamin C to your skincare regime can help you combat SPF rays that are not blocked by sunscreen. It will allow you to escape the tanning from Sun rays. Vitamin C is also good for skin pigmentation, boosts collagen products and gives an instant glow.
  5. Use Moisturising cleanser
    To have healthy and glowing skin during winter, use a moisturising cleanser, as it does not rip out the natural moisture barrier from your skin. Also, use products containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerine and hydration serum for moisture barrier repair.
  6. Do not exfoliate too much
    Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. But during winter, you need to avoid exfoliating too much as it will strip down the skin’s natural moisture barrier and make it dry. Exfoliate once a week to boost your skin regeneration and improve product absorption.