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The most important emotional need of a youngster is to feel valued. It is crucial to value your child. When you value your child and encourage them, you may significantly boost their self-esteem. Between admiration and drive, there is a clear distinction. Appreciation is expressed for the goodness they possess or have demonstrated. In contrast, motivation involves showing people what they can achieve well in the future. Another aspect of motivation is how one may get better.

Appreciation is, thus, crucial. Take a moment to reflect on how you felt about your child when they were two or four years old, and how you feel about them now that they have graduated from high school. You will be surprised to learn how significantly your pattern of appreciation has altered.

Children often say things like, “No matter what I do, my parents won’t be pleased” or “No matter how successful I am in life, my father will never be content.” This is a result of some parents constantly criticising their kids’ behaviour. It lowers their spirits.

Praise your youngster for even the smallest gains or wins. They get motivated by this. When you need to inspire someone, show them their potential, and your appreciation. Encourage them to develop new goals.

Motivation and appreciation are two things we all need in life to have a good sense of self. Children are far more in need of encouragement and admiration than we adults do. Kids develop low self-esteem issues when they lack this drive and admiration. Our early years have a significant impact on who we become. Kids who receive adequate praise, grow up to be confident people with strong self-esteem.

No matter how large or little their accomplishment, congratulate them and show your appreciation. They might feel driven to achieve much more, as a result of that.