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Medical researchers believe they have finally found the cause of Bruce Lee’s mysterious death almost 50 years ago. The actor was renowned as a skilled martial artist. So far, it had been believed that Lee’s death was caused by cerebral oedema but recent research suggests that Bruce Lee died from his body’s inability to excrete excess water. The research was conducted by kidney specialists from Spain and was published in the Clinical Kidney Journal.

According to the researchers, Bruce Lee had an extremely low sodium concentration in his blood. This hyponatremia, which is the medical term for lack of sodium in the blood, can lead to dangerous complications like rapid brain swelling as seen in Bruce Lee. It can be aggravated by certain lifestyle habits, which Bruce Lee partook in, like chronic fluid intake, alcohol consumption, certain prescribed drugs, marihuana usage and documented history of injuries.

After the study made headlines, people showed concern about whether drinking excess amounts of water is healthy or not. Speaking with Hindustan Times, Smitha Shetty, a lifestyle nutritionist shared that hydration is very important and not drinking water can lead to various complications. However, even drinking too much water can lead to water intoxication. “It happens when the salt and other electrolytes in your body get diluted and your kidney can’t flush out all the water through urine,” she added.

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar has listed the causes of drinking excess water which are bloating, polyurea, hyponatraemia, swelling, poor metabolism, etc. She also mentioned that water proportion cannot be fixed as it varies according to seasons and physical activities.

How much water can be handled by a healthy person?

Dr Bhavsar also suggested that to drink as much water as it takes for you to keep urine odourless and crystal clear. “That’s the right amount of water your body needs, not 1 glass more or 1 glass less,” she added.