Half Mag / Half Zine

India is home to some of the most brilliant artworks of all time, with a lot of cultural diversity across its length and breadth. Indigenous folk arts and handicrafts can be found in the form of embroidery, painting, pottery, jewellery and other art forms. Many of these art styles are still alive and continue to grace people’s sight, despite modernisation. Every state in India is known for its specific culture and tradition, which makes them distinct from others. And because of this, the people of India are blessed with a legacy of diverse art and culture. Here are some noteworthy art styles and handicrafts that are passed over in attention,

Naga Handicraft

Nagas are famous for their deep-rooted ingrained culture, which includes artwork and handicrafts. They produce distinctly beautiful handicrafts using materials like cane, wood and any other that can be found in the forest. The Naga tribes are based in Nagaland but their handicraft culture isn’t that popular. If you take the time to explore it, you will find stunning material such as decor-craved seats, baskets, scarves, bowls, shawls, and bags.

Dhokra handicraft

Based in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, Dhokra Damar tribes specialise in producing authentic handicrafts. In fact, the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro is one of the earliest dhokra handicrafts. They use a wax casting technique, which is famous in India. Dhokra handicrafts are quite popular locally and in some places abroad for their rustic simplicity and robust form.

Rogan painting

Today, only a few Roghan painters in India can craft this beautiful surface embellishment artwork. Using a unique castor-based paste, the painter paints half of the design with the fingers of his left hand, an iron rod, and a kalam. The opposite sides are imprinted by pressing two parts together.

Meenakari Art

For centuries, Meenakari artwork has been made using colourful enamel to decorate metal by the Meenakars (artisans). The artwork is renowned for its stunning patterns and exquisite colour schemes. It is mainly used in creating authentic jewellery. It is also used for enamelling metal surfaces using gold or silver embellishments.

Kauna Art

Kauna arts are used in making stylish and comfortable purses and mats. Its products, like Kauna bags, are made from water reed grass which only grows in the marshy and wet plains of Imphal Valley in Manipur. It involves the method of double-weaving that includes numerous joints and knots to create baskets, furniture, wine racks and other items.